When you live in an area that gets hit with anything from dust storms, hail storms, and even the
occasional snow storm, having a tough house is a must. Not only that, but these rugged homes fit
in well with the West Texas landscape. Keep reading for some reasons you might want to choose
a metal home over a traditional home.

Less Time to Build
Once the frame is erected, metal homes can be erected fairly quickly. Depending on the finish
and details of the interior, it can be finished in as little as a few weeks. Many metal homes are
also made of prefabricated components that require less time to put together.

Metal is tough and can stand up to the elements better than many other materials. It is not
susceptible to rot, mold, or mildew, and pests are not a threat to the building either. Without
these threats to the structure of your home, it is much more resilient and can endure strong winds
and other intense weather.

Dual Purpose
No more dashing through miserable weather just to get to the garage or shed; with a metal home
you can have it right outside your back door. Metal homes are a great choice because you can
have your home, garage, workshop, and shed all under one roof.

More and more we find that people are looking for eco-friendly options. With many metal
manufacturers using recycled materials in their production, metal homes are exactly that. There
is also less construction waste in the building process. And, at the end of its life, certain
components of metal buildings can be recycled and used for other purposes.

Lots of Space
Wood structures bear much of their load on both the interior and the exterior walls, therefore
inside walls become an integral part of the building. But with a metal building, the brunt of the
weight is held on the frame and exterior walls, giving you much more freedom on the interior
layout. Walls that were a necessity for the strength of the structure before are optional now,
allowing you to have much more open spaces in your home.
Without having to design your floor plan with load bearing walls in mind, you have much more
freedom in customizing your home to your exact needs and tastes.

Still thinking about it or are you ready to build?