Lubbock, TX

About Lubbock, TX

When many people think of Lubbock, Texas, the first thing that comes to mind Buddy Holly, its most famous resident. But did you know that Lubbock is now the 11th-most populous city in Texas? It was also named as the 12th-best place to start a small business by CNN Money. 

Climate-wise, Lubbock is mild and semiarid, receiving only an average of 18.69 inches of rain and 8.2 inches of snow per year. However, Lubbock is also the 10th-windiest city in the United States, with an average wind speed of 12.4 miles per hour. Lubbock can also experience severe thunderstorms, tornados, and hailstorms. 

Metal Building & Siding Contractors

With all these weather elements to deal with, it’s best to have sturdy gutters, siding, and windows on your home or commercial property. When you call First Choice Construction, you can rest easy knowing that your property is fully equipped to handle everything Mother Nature can throw at it. We can install seamless gutters to divert water away from your roof and foundation. Our metal building contractors can construct a custom building for extra-sturdy storage space. Finally, we can repair and replace siding and install replacement windows. 

No matter which of these services you’re in need of, you can count on reliability and professionalism from the team at First Choice Construction. Call us to get started!

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